Triad Trails Tour

👣 In collaboration with #architectsoflife#actxplorer introduces an unique Chinatown up close and personal dining experience with ex-offenders!

Ask us more 👉 Call +65 9829 5157 email or visit for more info and bookings!

Discover the world of secret societies, “red-light” districts & opium dens while being led by an ex-Triad Leader. Let us bring you on an adventure into the old Chinatown, among its history and dark secrets. This event will culminate in a dining experience with your table host – an ex-offender.

They’ll share their personal stories over a wholesome meal., and you can engage in a no-holds-barred conversation with them!

This tour is partnered with Architects of Life, who aims to transform ex-offender stereotypes and lives.
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