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“Journey from Egypt to Promised land” is a specially crafted itinerary by Actxplorer for the repeat visitors to Israel but never been to Egypt. 

After the Israelites were ensalved in Egypt for 400 years, their exodus from Egypt and journey to the promised land is just as arduous; that is because they missed the decisive moment at Kadesh Barnea after spying the land. This trip will take you back to ancient Egypt to visit the Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza, Luxor and land of Goshen. We will also travel through the wilderness of Sin and arrive at Mt Sinai where Moses received the 10-commandment in Exodus 20. Mt Sinai was also the place where  the blueprint of the tabernacle was given to Moses to construct for the dweling of God’s presence.

The journey into the promised land begins at the southern tip of Israel, Eilat.  Timna National Park provides the perfect desert backdrop to experience the replica of the Tabernacle of God.

We will cross over the beautiful Red Sea into Jordan to Wadi Rum and the Nabataean city of Petra.

Crossing over to the Promised Land again, we will follow the footsteps of Jesus and re-live the bible with unique activities such as renewal of wedding vows at Cana, baptism in Jordan River and sharing and reflection on the Mount of Beatitudes. Immerse yourself in modern day Israel communities and gain an intimate understanding of their history and culture through visits to the Kibbutz, blessing and bonding with Holocaust survivors, participating in traditions (E.g. Hanukkah, unveiling of ancient Torah) and messianic ministries.

Apart from walking in Jesus’ footsteps, you will also learn about the history of the Bible and feast your eyes on ancient archeological sites that make the Word come alive. Lastly, we will head to Mt Carmel, Caesarae, and ascend to the city of Jerusalem to explore the ancient landmarks in and around the city of Jerusalem.

Our unique program (Israel Messianic Encounter) is conceived to guide the believers not just to improve their knowledge of the Bible n their love for the Word but also allows them to encounter God through deeper interaction with the people of the land of Israel – the Holocaust Survivors, those who have returned to the country, the Arabs who lived in the land, the heart warming relationships between the sons of Isaac n the sons of Ishmael, the Marketplace discoveries of the Start Up Nation and more. 

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