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About Us

Actxplorer is a travel-based social enterprise that aims to fight poverty by creating an inclusive and sustainable environment for local communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and social enterprises to benefit from tourism, volunteerism and impact investment.

We provide an Internet marketplace platform where locals’ stories and experiences can be shared with the world. We connect locals to the travelers around the globe who desire to participate in these experiences and adventures. Our mission is to create opportunities for travelers and locals to interact in any authentic experiences, as well as to collaborate in any social-related projects that benefit the locals and local communities. Our goal is to help the locals to access to tourism market and empower them to build better lives by creating opportunity for them to host and share their unique experiences, or get assistance and collaboration to improve their communities, or the finances needed to grow their social enterprises. Our dedicated field team works closely with the locals and local communities to provides supports and training so that the entire interaction and immersion are enriching for travelers as well as the locals.

Actxplorer originates from two words – Act + Explorer. It is a combination of two passions: acts of doing good and the joy of exploring. We believe that while travelers seek fun and excitement in new overseas adventures, it is the purpose and meaning behind the experience, and the act of doing good, understanding and engaging a fellow human being that eventually gives them a deeper sense of fulfillment and joy. Our ultimate goal is to provide travel with a purpose: to learn, interact, immerse, contribute, impact and invest in the locals and their communities.

We facilitate safe travel for people who love to explore. Our dedicated teams are constantly on the search for unique elements in local cultures and their lands. We work with people and enterprises to curate one-of-a-kind experiences that are safe for travelers to immerse themselves in nature, history, heritage, food, art, micro businesses or restoration and preservation works. We also assist anyone who desires to offer their time and effort or finances to help meet the needs of the locals and their communities, as well as to aid in economic growth and create more opportunities for sustainable living.

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