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Frequently Asked Questions


General terms

What is Actxplorer?

Actxplorer originates from two words – Act + Explorer. It is a combination of two passions: acts of doing good and the joy of exploring. We believe that while we seek fun and excitement in new overseas experiences, it is the purpose and meaning behind the experience and the act of understanding or engaging a fellow human being that eventually gives us a deep sense of fulfillment and ultimate joy. In short, we provide travel with a purpose to interact, immerse, contribute, impact and invest in the locals and their communities.

Our mission is to create opportunities for the locals by empowering them to share their unique stories, experiences or projects with the world. We also create opportunities for the Explorer (traveller) to interact with, immerse in or impact locals and their communities.

We serve as a marketplace for the locals’ stories to be posted on our site, and we connect them with Explorers (travellers) who desire to participate in these experiences.

How does Actxplorer work?

Actxplorer is a simple and easy-to-use online portal for connecting Hosts and Explorers (Travelers). Many of our trip creators have a story to tell. Unfortunately, they don’t have a platform to demonstrate their skills and talents. That’s where we come in. We assist the Hosts by shaping what they have to offer into an interesting experiential trip, then we test run it and share it with the world. As for all you wanderlust adventurers, we offer plenty of travel experiences and opportunities to interact with indigenous communities, so you can create your own adventure according to your interests. It’s easy to get involved. Just check out our comprehensive range of options that cover everything from nature, history and culture to arts and crafts, food, micro-businesses and volunteer projects. Rest assured you’re in good hands with us – we’re here to make your trip effortless, smooth-sailing and safe.

What kinds of experiences do Actxplorer offer?

We have three categories of experiential trips – interactive, immersive and impactful. Each comes with different themes such as cultural, eco-friendly, historical or humanitarian experiences, as well as social enterprises. If your interest lies in chatting up a storm with the locals, exploring secret alleys and diving headfirst into a new culture, our Interactive Experience is the one for you. Got a soft spot in your heart for making a difference in society? The Immersive Experience allows you to volunteer your time and energy to help local communities in areas like improving living conditions, engaging in social works, or preserving historical and architectural sites. It is life-changing for both sides. For those concerned about economic, social or environmental issues, the Impact Experience offers an avenue for you to pass on your savvy business skills, provide financial help and raise local micro entrepreneurs to impact the lives of locals in sustainable ways.

Does your tour include accommodation?

Most of Actxplorer’s tours are done within the same day; therefore no accommodation is needed. However, for tours that last a couple of days, there are accommodation options. For example, for a trip to experience life in the village or countryside, your Host will provide lodging in the form of home stays or outdoor camping. If you have already settled your stay and you wish to delve further into your experience, feel free to contact us. We can customise certain aspects of the trip to suit your schedule.

Who are your Hosts?

Anyone who desires to shares their local story and aspires to live an economically independent life. The whole process of Host selection is experiential. We focus on authenticity and uniqueness while ensuring that the experiences are safe and well-run. Firstly, our Hosts will collate and share with us the ins and outs of their area. After we’ve ascertained that their knowledge meets our standards, we find out more about what they have to offer, be it social projects or businesses that advocate economical sustainability. Then we map out the experience and our field team runs tests to tie up loose knots and shape it to be interactive and impactful.

How do you ensure that the tours are safe?

At Actxplorer, besides ensuring meaningful experiences for our travelers, our trips are built on two important foundations: safety and reliability. Our field team test runs the experience from start to finish, ironing out kinks, and ensuring that there is a smooth interaction between Explorers (travelers) and Hosts. We also believe in authentic attitudes from our Hosts. Our field team coordinates background checks and trains Hosts in the proper way to lead the trip. Any feedback or reviews are always welcome and we will do our best to constantly improve the overall experience.

However, unpredictable moments and unforeseen circumstances can arise that may result in personal inconveniences. Therefore, it is always wise to secure proper personal or family travel insurance. Actxplorer will not assume liability for anything that happens during the experience. Although we do our best to minimise risks, Explorers (travelers) and Hosts enter into an agreement with each other voluntarily, and this should be done at your own discretion.

Are you a fully accredited travel agency?

Yes we are licensed under Singapore Tourism Board. In fact, most of our key management staff are veterans in the industry with many years of experience running their own travel agencies. We know what it takes to make travel safe, seamless and experiential. Again, Actxplorer is not just about travel. It is about creating opportunities for the locals and Explorers to interact and engage. It is about empowering communities for sustainable living.

Are the hosts safe and trustworthy?

We do our best to verify every Host and review every proposal submitted. We conduct phone or video interviews and do authentication checks. But in most cases, we meet the Hosts and interview them in person, so rest assured we do our best. We also suggest you read the reviews and do social media check-ups to make sure that you are comfortable before you sign up.

Does Actxplorer provide liability wavers for Guests or Hosts?

Not at the moment. By hosting an experience on Actxplorer, you take full responsibility for yourself, your guests and anything that happens during the experience. By booking an experience on Actxplorer, you bear any risks just like a regular traveler. Guests and Hosts enter into an agreement with each other. Therefore, both booking and hosting activities on Actxplorer should be done at your own discretion.

However, our aim is to build a trustworthy community for you, so we do our best to help out whenever we can. If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@actxplorer.com.

Can all the hosts speak English?

Most of our Hosts speak English. However, we do have some cases where Hosts do not speak fluent English. Under such circumstances, we will secure an interpreter (Facilitator). He or she will help to manage the interaction between the Host and the Explorer (traveler). Our facilitators are not guides, but they will be familiar with the flow and details of the trip.

Who are your facilitators?

We hire facilitators from different sources. They can be students studying Liberal Arts or English at local universities or local part-timers who can speak English. Most of them are young people who are eager to practice speaking English and share the local experience. They are full of zeal and energy, and they love to engage with and befriend Explorers (travelers) from across the globe. Some of the students from poor backgrounds may also benefit greatly from the additional income.


How do I book a tour?

We suggest you first sign up as an Explorer (traveler). Membership is just a few clicks away. Once you are a member, you can browse, review and even save some of the interesting posts into your wish list folder for future reference. If you like a particular Experience, click on its image and it will display information in greater detail. Our website provides you with a live chat platform where you can communicate directly with the host. Otherwise, simply send an email with your enquiry and they will respond to you the following day. Once you are satisfied with the answers and wish to book the trip, click on the book icon. Be sure to check the dates and the number of people in your group before you check out.

How do I make online payment?

All our trips require you to make online payment in US dollars through PayPal or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Once payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email on your booking request.

Do I need to show the booking confirmation to the Host?

Yes, bring it along and present it to your Host when you meet him or her. We accept the booking confirmation voucher in a hard or soft copy.

How can I contact the Host if I have any questions?

We provide a chat and email platform through Actxplorer for you to make enquiries directly to the Hosts. Before booking, you can always chat with the Host, who is responsible to answer all your questions. Once you have made the full payment, you will be able to contact the host directly outside of Actxplorer’s platform. However, as a protection, we suggest you keep the communication within Actxplorer’s email platform. As we can trace all communications in our system, it serves to protect you in case of disputes between you and the Host.

What happens if my booking is rejected after I make the payment?

If, for some reason, the host does not accept your booking, you will not be charged. We will refund you with within 5 working days.

How many booking enquiries can I make at one time?

You can make as many as you need. You will be only be charged for every confirmed booking.

Can I cancel a confirmed and paid booking?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may lead to you cancel a booking. We allow cancellations of confirmed and paid bookings, but you will need to contact the Host directly to cancel it. Any refunds will be done in accordance with Actxplorer’s and the Host’s stated cancellation policy.

How do I search for specific types of experiences?

We offer a search filter where you can select your desired country and city, and our system will display a list of tours according to your chosen destination. You can further refine the list by dates, category, theme, price and duration to narrow down your search. However, there may be places that we do not cover at the time of your search, so do email us if you have certain areas that you would like to explore. We will be more than happy to help you out.

How do I know if the trip is available for the dates and times I’m looking for?

All the available trip dates are marked on the month calendar displayed on our site, and the rest of the dates are blanked out. You will not be able to click on or select those unavailable dates.

Do I have to meet the minimum number of people stated by the Host?

In most cases, it is a requirement to have the minimum number of people to start the trip. For example, it will be expensive to hire a car or coordinate a certain activity just for one person. However, you are still welcome to book the experience if you pay for the price required for the minimum number of people. Again, this will have to be confirmed by the individual host.

What should I do if I have a big group that exceeds the maximum size of your tour?

We design each Experience with optimum sizes for best pricing and maximum opportunity for interaction between Explorers (travelers) and Hosts. However, if you have a big group, do email contact@actxplorer.com for enquiries. We can always work on our customised one to bring on board more facilitators for assistance.

Why can’t I find the country or city that I plan to visit?

Actxplorer’s mission is to create opportunities for Hosts and Explorers (travelers) in every country and city around the world. However, we also want to make sure that we grow with the right host who can deliver reliable and meaningful experiences. With our limited resources, we aim to grow city by city to give you the best in each destination. However, do get in touch with us at contact@actxplorer.com if you have any interesting places that you would like to explore. Or if you want to recommend a Host, we would love for you to connect with us.

What should I do when there is no response from the host?

We have good understanding from all our Hosts that they will respond within 48 hours, if possible. However, we also understand that they could be busy hosting a tour or unable to reply due to unforeseen circumstances. Do give them up to 3 days to respond. If you have not heard from them after that, please email us at contact@actxplorer.com and we will do our best to help you.

What happens if the host is a no-show?

In that rare occasion, if it’s due to an unforeseen emergency, we understand that our Hosts will make every effort to find a replacement and inform us, so as not to disappoint Explorers (travellers). We recommend that you try to call the Host using the contact number you are given. If you are still unable to reach him or her, please contact us immediately at our emergency phone number +65 6222 2777. We will do our best to assist you.

Do I need to tip the host or the facilitators?

We have a general understanding with the Hosts and facilitators that tipping should not be expected. Don’t feel bad if you don’t tip. In fact, what they need most is your feedback or reviews of their service. But if you feel that they deserve an additional tip, feel free to pass it to them directly.

How much does a host or facilitator earn?

It is our goal to distribute the fee fairly among all our stakeholders. 35-55% of the price goes to the Host directly, 35-55% goes to Travel related such as transport, hotel and meal (if applicable) 10-20% goes to the facilitator if needed, and the company retains a 10% remainder.

Can I be a Host?

Yes! Anyone who desires to share their local experiences with the world can be a host. All you need to do is compile your expertise on your city or country, pen everything down and sign up as a Host on our website with lots of images to substantiate your knowledge. We will contact you henceforth. However, at this juncture, we may not have a presence in some areas yet. Therefore, it means the process of reviewing will take longer.

How do I create an Trip?

As long as you have a unique story to tell, or an experience to share, you can create a trip. We will help you to curate and shape it. All you have to do is to submit your story to us through our website, and we will verify and announce it to the world. The steps are really simple and our website can help you to create a compelling story. You can read some of the guides and reviews that others post to learn about the process. We also have our Actxplorer team on the ground to assist you. First of all, you need to sign up as a Host. Take note that the membership process for Hosts and Explorers (travelers) differs. Once you sign up as a Host, we will contact you for a chat to get to know you. When you are confirmed and approved, it’s up to you to post your experiential trip on the site. We have built our system with easy-to-follow and intuitive instructions and recommendations to take you through the entire process. After you fill out and submit the contents of your story, we will conduct reviews and test runs before posting it on our website. You will be notified via email if your trip is approved. You can read Actxplorer’s “Guide Book for Host” for detail step by step instruction of being a host.

Do I have to pay for Hosting on your website?

Our platform provides the entire process, from tour creation to posting it online, for free. We only take a small percentage of your successful bookings as our processing fee to maintain our service. For details on the fees involved, please refer to our Booking Policy.

How do I get paid?

Each Host will have to set up a bank and PayPal account to facilitate the transfer of money. It is our agreement with all Hosts that Actxplorer will take an admin, processing and marketing fee to maintain the entire system. Every time someone makes a payment, the value of the booking payment will be emailed to you. We’ll hold the amount charged and release it 24 hours after the completion of the trip. Our system helps you track each transaction and your net income, which you can request to withdraw any time. The withdrawal processing time is 3 working days and the money will be sent to your PayPal account that’s registered with us, and it will be reflected in your account within Actxplorer.