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Kitt Tiger
Kitt was born and raised in the rural regions of Chiang Rai. He and his family belong to the Karen Sg'aw hilltribe who originally settled in Myanmar. For many generations, the family have been rice farmers and hunters in the land. Having lived in the lush region all their lives, Kitt knows everything about his home. Now, Kitt is trying to teach everyone the basics of rice farming, and to always appreciate the land and it's givings.

Tours By Kitt Tiger

Let us take you on a short journey through various hill tribe villages and into the lush bamboo fore ... Read More
US $95.00

Village & Bamboo Forest Trek

Duration2 days
​Be witness to the everlasting cultures of the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. As you traverse the ... Read More
US $125.00

Cultural Village Trek

Duration3 days
Experience the life of a hilltribe family!
US $60.00

Karen Farmstay in the Hills

Duration2 days
It's easy to take many things for granted. Simply because we have been born conveniently into these ... Read More
US $250.00

Rice Farming Experience

Duration6 days


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